Removable PostsRemovable Posts

Removable Post Stack Racks are the most flexible storage racks in the industry. These racks are designed to accommodate almost any pallet size and weight up to 10,000 pounds each. Rather than dedicate substantial square footage to permanent rack systems and the aisle space necessary to serve them, use portable Stack Racks to obtain maximum density of product storage. If your business has seasonal peaks and valleys, Stack Racks can easily be disassembled and stored within a very small “footprint”, thereby recapturing valuable floor space for other activities. Stack Racks can also reduce handling because they can safely be carried two at a time by the forklift operators. Available in 1000 to 4000 pound standard capacities, this model can be modified many different
ways to fit your customer's storage needs. Options include side containment,
several deck styles, fork stirrups or casters if desired.
Advantages of this type of racking include:

  • Reduces product damage
  • Fork lift drivers can move multiple pallet positions at once saving time
  • Posts are easily removed to disassemble racks when not in use for storage (no tools required)
  • Able to stack 4-5 high